Saturday, July 30, 2016

Learn A Name A Day:The 'HOW' and 'WHY'

‘The best way to accomplish any task is to establish a time-table and then stick to it. If you want to increase your ability to leam and remember names, the ideal way is to practice it constantly. And the easiest way to practice is by doing.

Make it a point to try to learn at least one new name every day of the year. This may sound like an impossible job, but it’s not. Most people meet at least one new person a day whether they try or not. Certainly if you make a real effort to meet a new person, you will have no trouble doing so.

Of course, there is more than one advantage in learning a new name each day. Probably the least important of these is that you will become more adept at remembering names. Much more important is that your range of acquaintances-people whom you know by name-will become immeasurably broader. Your horizons will expand. You will meet people you have always wanted to know, people whose friendship can be worth a great deal to you.

When you meet each person, follow the steps already outlined: (I) hear the person’s name; (2) repeat the name; (8) try to associate the name with a physical or personality trait of the person; (4) write the name down at frequent intervals; (5) find out as much as you can about each person whose name you want to remember.

If you follow this procedure with everyone you meet, you will be amazed at how many people you will get to know-and, just as important, how many people will get to know you. 

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