Thursday, July 14, 2022

Family Writes Gov. Sanwoolu As They Alleged Lola Akande, Others of Taking Over Free Trade Zone Resettlement Land From Them

A silent war may be brewing in Epe, Lagos State as the attention of the state governor, Babajide Sanwoolu, has been drawn to an issue in Abomiti, Yeguda and Eyin-osa resettlement land.

In 2006, when Lekki Free Zone was created, about three communities got affected, and they are Abomiti, Yeguda & Eyin-Osa, but the state government allocated another land, which is 10% of what the government compulsorily acquired for the displaced communities elsewhere for their resettlement, which some Lagos State Government officials, and two traditional rulers in Epe and Ogun State, are now allegedly taking over with the alleged intention to sell  through some real estate companies.  

One of the chairmen and trustee member of Free Trade Zone Parcel B Resettlement Communities, Chief Obafemi Onayemi Obajimi (Baale Onigbagbo and other family representatives of Abomiti, Eyin-Osa, Yeguda-Parapo, the displaced Communities for Parcel B and Alaro City Projects, have raised an alarm over the move allegedly made by Mrs Lola Akande, the Commissioner of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperative, in alleged collaboration with Oba Kamarudeen Animashaun, the Oloja of Epe; and Oba Ganiyu Olusegun Awokoya aka {Alhaji White}, the Onirete of Irete in Ogun State.
Some of the families representatives alleged that Oba Olusegun Awokoya has been claiming to be a Surveyor, or atimes a consultant to the State Government and Mrs Lola Akande has allegedly been trying to compel them to handover their land,  for Surveying for 1 plot per acres even when she knows that the Oba Olusegun Awokoya is not a registered surveyor.

The letter sent to the Lagos state governor, (quoted below) alleged that Abomiti, Yeguda & Eyin-Osa Government Resettlement Land for the displaced communities, is now an Instrument of Oba Olusegun Awokoya who is fronting for Mrs. Lola Akande and Oba Kamorudeen Animashaun. The Communities laments on how "Oba Olusegun Awokoya has been allegedly fueling Eko-Epe and Ijebu-Epe crises to thrive his alleged land grabbing business in the axis, believing that no one dares question his authorities because of his influence and relationship with some Lagos State civil servants and Nigeria Police Force.

IT was also alleged that one Lanre Ogunlesi, SAN conspired with Awokoya who claimed to be a Surveyor and Akande illegally obtained the Abomiti, Yeguda & Eyin-osa Certificate of Occupancy from the Beneficiaries.

The communities, has however cried out to the executive governor of Lagos State, the Attorney General and Honourable Commissioner for Justice of Lagos State to come to their rescue as Lola Akande and her members have allegedly taken over the new land allocated to the communities.

The letter, sent to the office of the Lagos State Governor, and signed by twenty four heads of families of the three communities. read thus:

"We act as representatives of Free Trade Zone Parcel B Resettlement indigenes, {Abomiti, Eyin-Osa, Yeguda} and we hereby write you on behalf of the Parapo of the three zones. Our protest is born out of seeing the duo of Oba Oba Kamorudeen Animashaun, the Oloja of Epe and Oba Ganiyu Olusegun Awokoya aka {Alhaji White}, the Onirete of Irete, Ogun State fueling Eko-Epe and Ijebu-Epe crises to thrive his land grabbing business in connivance with some Lagos State civil servants, not limited to one Mr. Ilu Oshikoya, who has been serving as ‘Agbodegba’ for Lanre Ogunlesi SAN, {Oba Olusegun Awokoya’s Lawyer} and working hand in hand with Hon. Lola Akande to sell out all the resettlement land meant for resettling our displaced communities.

Epe is one of the Local Government Areas in Lagos, and each State has her own territorial survey and by virtue of land Use Act 1978, which has vested each state land to the state governor and by that, Epe is part of Lagos state in which the state also gave Oloja of Epe his staff of office, the said Oloja Epe is now ungratefully canvassing for Ijebu-Epe and Eko-Epe crises because of his land grabbing business.

The Oppressed indigines of Parcel B, resettlement called on the Attorney General (Moyosore Onigbajo) As the man in charge of Lagos State law enforcement, Mrs Adijat Apena, representing Laporu in Eyin-Osa said it is time for the Commisioner of Justice to rise up to the occasion and protect the interest of the whole Lagosians, and call everybody to a round table and educate them that, Lagos State is Lagos State, either your forbears migrated from Ijebu to Epe or not, there is nothing like Ijebu-Epe or Eko-Epe, Epe is Epe in Lagos State.

Just as Mr. Okanlawon also called on His Excellency, Babajide Sanwoolu that, the goal of Oba Animashaun in conjunction with Oba Awokoya is to cause chaos, division, tumult and upheaval in Epe so as to thrive his land grabbing business, if they are not restrain and stopped, the peace and the safety of the whole Epe might become history. We passionately appeal to you that you call everyone to order, to maintain the peaceful co-existence of the entire Epe Local Government.

It is no longer news that Lagos State Government acquired our land, for the purpose of Free Trade Zone. As a result of acquisition of our land, the state government resettled the displaced communities under the umbrella of Free Zone Parcel B Resettlement communities, which we are members of the 248 communities that formed Abomiti, Yeguda & Eyin-osa.  

Sequel to the resettlement, a memorandum of understanding was executed with the representatives of the communities, and same was signed by the Lagos State Government, and the representatives of the committee.

However, most of those who signed as representatives are protégé of Lola Akande, Oba Olusegun, and Oba Animashaun. In furtherance of the memorandum of understanding, for the resettlement of the displaced communities, the state government instructed the committee to register themselves, so that their certificate of occupancy can be issued to them in their names. Oba Olusegun, who ported himself as a registered surveyor to the committee, and recently referred to himself as the consultant to the Lagos state government, claiming to be fronting for some officers of the Lagos State government parastatal, wherein the officers want two (2) per acres to settle some of the officials of the Lagos State government through which the committee registered in proxy.

However, going through the trustees in each of the zone supervised by the Oba Olusegun Awokoya, it’s clearly showed that most of the registered Trustees are not even indigenous members of the committee, but rather close associates of Oba Olusegun and that of the Oloja of Epe, particularly one Jelili Oluwaseyi Arimi, who is a trustee on both the Eyin-Osa, and Yeguda resettlement zone, one of the militants of the said Oba Onirete, and doesn’t belong to any of the displaced communities that were settled. So, it amaze one how someone that doesn’t belong to a community became a trustee in the registration of such communities.

For a clearer understanding of our point sir, almost all the members in the committees, are Oba Olusegun and Oba Kamarudeen’s proxy, the person of Chief Jelili Arimi Oluwaseyi, who is the Baale Deesa at Abule Foli, close to Eti-Osa not in any way related to parcel B resettlement committee. He is one of the armed militants of Oba Olusegun, he’s also a trustee of all the zones. Chief Waheed Oluwo, the Odofin of Oloja Epe and also the chairman, ‘Central Working Committee’ is the number one sales man of fake surveyor Segun Awokoya, selling the resettlement land. Mr. Shade Takiu (P.R.O Central Working Committee), a proxy of Oloja of Epe was made a trustee to protect the interest of Oloja of Epe, to the detriment of the indigenous owners. Chief Muritala Gbadebo Lateef, is the Kankanfo Epe Land and also a proxy of Oloja of Epe. Though, he’s from Oloja-Ibiwo family of Eyin-Osa, but became a trustee of the committee, to see to the interest of the Oba of Epe. Mr. Wakilu Lufomu and Mr. Saheed Ligali are both Oloja of Epe and Oba Olusegun’s militants, and they were made trustee to serve their interests. Chief Olajide Ishola Shefiu, is a secretary to CWC of Epe, he is also from Oloja-Ibiwo family in Eyin-Osa, and he is one of the militants of Oloja of Epe, and sees to the interest of the king as a trustee of the committee. Animashaun Muyideen Olatunji, is the son of the king and only serve the interest of his father, who do not belong to Eyin-Osa, Abomiti and Yeguda people, nor do they own a property at the acquired place. Only few members of the actual Eyin-Osa, Abomiti and Yeguda were registered as trustees, and these persons have been threatened and silenced by the Oba Onirete of Irete Ogun State.

The genuine members who are indigenous to Eyin-Osa, Abomiti and Yeguda communities, such as but not limited to Omotayo Yusuf of Oke-Oko family in Abomiti zone, Chief Obafemi Onayemi Obajimi, Aba Onigbagbo family of Abomiti zone, Chief Tawaliu Oniga Moboluwaduro of Oniga Iposun Family ofEyin-Osa, Chief Kareem Otolerin Baruwa of Baruwa Shosho family of Eyin-Osa, Mrs Apena Adijat, the secretary to the Laporu family of Parcel B resettlement communities, who is one of the subjects of Chief Wahidi Obalewo Mohammodu, the Baale of Lapolu family all of Eyin-Osa community, Chief Femi Abdulai Isa of Fowotera village of Yuguda Lagos State Special Task Force on Land Grabbers, who informed them that one Ilu Osikoya and some officers of the Attorney General office, have been part of the ‘Agbodegba’ of selling our land, and they were even boasting that they are selling in trust for Lola Akande, and some workers of Lagos State government parastatals, and as such they are untouchable as they have the backing of the high ranking officers of the Lagos State judiciary.

In the light of the above, we painstakingly pray that by virtue of your good office and position, as the number one citizen of Lagos State, you will caution and restrain the person of Chief Mrs Lola Akande, Oba Olusegun Awokoya, Oba Kamarudeen Animashaun and Mr Ilu Osikoya from further harassing, maiming and threatening us. We hope that you admonish them that no one is above the law, and also compel them to release our certificate of occupancy to us with immediate effect.

In as much as we do not believe in the rumour being frittered around by Oba Olusegun and Mr. Ilu, that the Attorney General of Lagos State and Lagos State Special Task Force on Land Grabbers, are fully aware of the resettlement for kickback game, we hope that what we heard isn’t true, however, in the circumstance of our guess being correct, we will not hesitate to take the right action.

We called on the Alaro City as a company, that if they choose not wage in to call the attention of the state government, they should expect us joining them in legal battle to recover our land, in which the state forcefully acquired, handover for their project and now handover our Ressetlement to a Quack Surveyor Awokoya, who has converts same to an instrument of fraud, in defrauding innocent landbuyers, claiming he has bought all the land from the displaced communities, time for reconcillation.

Accept our kind regards”, they wrote in the letter.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Star Actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina Finally Speaks On Pregnancy Before Marriage Scandal, Says "I Went Through Alot After Wedding"

Nollywood Actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina has debunked the news making the rounds about her in the media after a blogger claimed that she forcefully rushed into marriage to cover the shame of getting pregnant out of wedlock.

The blogger, in her report alleged that the actress was impregnated by her husband who was then a mere boyfriend and as a top movie star, this might be a big shame on her which forced her to hastenly had a closed-door wedding with him.

Last night, Bukunmi took to her Instagram story to finally address the allegations. She revealed that all the claims from the said blogger are fallacy. She further revealed the truth that many people don't really know about her marriage and the difficult situation she and her husband had to go through before she could conceive months after their wedding.

Having heard this, Entertainment Journalist, Gbolahan Adetayo however spoke with the vivacious actress who shared her on side of the story in a brief chat with him. Read the interview below.

How did you feel after seeing a report claiming that you were forced to get married to your husband because of the pregnancy you had for him out of wedlock?

Someone actually sent it to me. I don’t follow the page but i love the page because ever since that page started, most celebrities have started minding the kind of things they do and living the right way, which is a positive change, and it quite commendable. I used to believe that the blog doesn’t post false things, until i saw what a friend sent to me which was absolutely not true. I guess the people feeding the blogger with information just didn’t do their job well. I thought i should ignore it because it’s one of those things, but I suddenly remembered my daughter. I know she would grow up to read those things someday, So i decided to speak my truth and add up evidence even though the blogger had no evidence to her claims. 

Has the report caused any form of misunderstanding in your home?

Myself and my husband can’t engage in fracas because of something that was said in the media. We all have our dirty secrets no matter how little, and before we got married to each other, I told him every of the things I could count as secret and he did the same also. So, some people would be surprise to know that there is nothing you can tell me about my husband or tell him about me that we haven’t already told each other, fought about, settled, and now laugh about it because there are some secrets you can’t keep forever, so it is better your partner hear it from you than from outsiders. It reduces the hurt. But i’m not the type of girls with the records of sleeping around or being with a man for money. I grew up in money and by the grace of God i was able to make my own money too. If not for the kind of Job i do, i would have been married 5 years ago. That’s how much i love family. I dated my boyfriend for years before we finally agreed to settle down. It was not because we were not ready. No. It was because we had our plans and that’s what we followed. Who does a marriage out of no choice and goes to Court? Oh maybe they didn’t get the full gist. We had both Church, Court and Traditional wedding. We only posted the part that casted because it’s the only part that leaked online. And trust me, we have been long engaged before the date they posted, most fans and friends just don’t know about it because Covid-19 denied the chance of gathering the whole family for a proper celebration. For those who are wise enough to open their eyes before opening their mouth anyhow, they would know i have had my heart engagement ring on very long before the wedding news got leaked. And trust me, had it been it wasn’t leaked, I might eventually make the wedding unknown on social media. That’s how much i love my privacy. 

Is there any other thing you want to clear the air about?

I know a lot of people are waiting to read or hear bad news about me or my marriage, because this part of the world is filled with bitter people, but i’m just going to put this straight to you all, as long as God liveth, as long as i have never been a reason for any woman’s tears or stole any woman’s husband or break anyone’s home, you all would wait forever. Then you all should please stop putting my name on the list i don’t belong. Or call me someone's Ex. I have said this a thousand times, I never dated Lateef. I have never for once had interest in him for a second. I’m not a lover of public figure afair or unnecessary attention. I have said this long since i joined the movie industry, That I can never date or marry an actor. Thank God the Guy in question is still alive, Anyone can publicly or privately ask him If i Oluwasina Bukunmi Grace have ever asked him where he lives let alone of paying him a visit. Can you date or have interest in a person and never get to do that? If anyone have claims of ever seeing me with him in a place that is not for shooting or work related environment, Please kindly come forward with your proof. 

Let me also use this privilege to appeal to all bloggers with due respect. Please, If you want to talk about me, do not extend it to the part of my family. I do not post them as often or at all because I don’t like people believing they have a say or opinion on my private life. I didn’t do a public wedding because i actually with due respect believe it should be a sign for everyone to know i do not entertain anybody in my private life or family life no mater how close you are to me. I dated my friend for 10 years before we got married, and i never mentioned his name or talked about us in any interview even till and after our wedding. It should automatically show the public how much i love my privacy. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Olubese Ebenezer Releases New Movie, "Akobi Esu"

Let us be the first to hint you that the producer of Akinkunmi Iberu, Olubese Ebenezer, has just released another Blockbuster movie titled Akobi Esu, a flick which was written and directed by Sharafadeen Olabode.

It's a story that talks about a young man named Sulaimon, the son of a cleric but calls himself the first born of Devil "Esu", the god of gods with the deity's temple in his abode. But what remains a mystery is a particular house he always visit to ask for his property. After  Oracle consultation, it was discovered Sulaimon's destiny truly lies in that house. On this faithful day, an unexpected occurrence occurred which makes Akobi Esu a must watch movie.

This fantastic movie featured great actors such as Yomi Fash Lanso, Ibrahim Yekini, Kolawole Ajeyemi, Ebenezer Olubese, Olamilekan Show, Adebayo Motola, Yomi Olorunlolaye, Lara Taiwo, Baba Fokoko, Toyosi Adesanya, Idowu Adenekan and many more.

This lovely flick was released on the stable of Yorubahood TV on YouTube on Saturday 9th July 2022 and the movie has since been gaining more views.

Akobi Esu is full of moral lessons for all to learn from. Use the link below to watch the film:

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Why You Should Watch This New Movie "Omo Oluyole" By Mr Sempe

One of the fantastic movie producers rocking the Yoruba movie genre of Nollywood, Olayinka Abioye better known as Mr Sempe has finally hit the internet with his much anticipated crime movie titled, "Omo Oluyole".

It's a story about a man who forbids theft, corruption and injustice yet he is seen robbing the rich for the poor. He's been feared by the Police force as he runs his own Government. He once lived with them and was their own very Robin Hood.

This action packed flick is full of moral lessons for all to learn from. Omo Oluyole, was written and produced by Mr Sempe while Fatai Isaka directed it.

This lovely movie featured great actors like Odunlade Adekola, Kolawole Ajeyemi, Eniola Afeez,Aisha Lawal, Akin Olaiya, Adeleke Adewale, Bose Akinola, Toyosi Adesanya
Sdebayo Salami,Peju Ogunmola, Esther Kalejaye, Ojopagogo, Jide Kosoko, Menny Iyawoosun, Yomi Olorunlaiye, Tonymontana, John Odika, Enitan Odugbemi, Olushola Bioye,Fola Saint Janet,Bamitale Akande and lots more.

Omo Oluyole was released yesterday 8 July 2022 on the stable of Yorubahood TV on YouTube. Watch the movie below...

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Nigerians On Social Media Are Narrating Their Worst Experiences Banking With UBA...And the Stories Are Scary

UBA customer Princess Victoria Ajibola aka omo local, a popular actress, on Friday exactly 11am, laments on illegal deduction of 1.4 million naira from her account, it all started with 250k debit alert till they deducted 1.4 million, without her collecting money from the bank.
While at the location shooting movie, fellow actors Adebayo Tijani and Sanyeri assisted her in calling the customer care, all to no avail, on her way to the bank she kept calling the customer care.

Getting to the bank, all her complaint was left unattended to, trying to bury the case UBA gave her zero attention.
While in the bank her money was still being deducted, seeking for solution, UBA said there’s nothing they can do.
It was until she started crying and creating a scene in the bank before her account was blocked.
After this, she went to Opay office to lay a complain, cause the money was deducted using POS, she was told at the office they can’t do anything until UBA sends a mail to them, getting back to the bank, they told her to wait until their headquarters sends them a mail at UBA IDI APE BRANCH IBADAN.

Princess Victoria Ajibola is calling on Nigerians to interfare in this case.

Meanwhile, the video which has now garnered over 1million views  in about 24hours on the  TikTok page NewsEveryHour's publisher, Morakinyo Olugbiji, has got close to 3,000 comments from Nigerians narrating how the bank has also done them dirty.

@mrmoraks What do you guys think?🤔 #uba #nigerianbanks #yahooboys #yahooboy #tiktok #viral #trending #gtb ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show