Friday, September 28, 2018

Photos: Actress Oge Aneke Committing Suicide On Set Of New Movie

It's been a while we heard from East based actress, Oge Aneke, since she welcomed a baby girl with her husband  over a year ago. 

New photos have however emerged of the actress's latest movie project titled "GOODNIGHT".

Some of the scenes in the beautiful location shots show the actress in an attempt to commit suicide with a rope around her neck. 

According to Oge,  "Good Night", which is from the stable Of Mrs Chinyere Ozoh and Mr Ifeanyi Onyeabo, is a true life story which every family will love to watch. 

"The story exposes the hidden truth of most parents!  It's a movie that is full of intrigues, drama, educating and most importantly entertaining. There are little things some parents take for granted which could cause big problems in future...No matter the nature of your job, attention must be given to each other because that brings closeness,oneness and love between couples; I am very sure that parents will be inspired on this one", Oge reveals

More photos from the location below...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Over 3000 People Get Free Medical Service in Kuje, Abuja (Photos)

No fewer than 3,000 people in Kuje area of Abuja benefitted from a medical mission embarked upon by popular NGO, When In Need Foundation (W.I.N) recently. 

Several individuals were treated for various medical conditions such as malaria, peptic ulcers, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory, urinary tract infections, glaucoma, and cataract. 

The mission which was held at Chibiri Primary School, Kuje and spearheaded by WIN’s team of doctors, nurses, optometrists and volunteers was a resounding success as several attendees who received free medical services thanked the organization for their hard work and look forward to their return in the near future.

When In Need’s CEO, Dr. Chetachi Ecton stressed that WIN’s relentless commitment remains to saving and transforming lives, creating impact in the lives of women, children and some of the most vulnerable people in the society.  

According to Dr. Chetachi; "One of the greatest gifts we can bestow on others is lending a helping hand, encouraging them, listening to their needs, energizing and reaching out to them through acts of selfless service. This inspired When In Need Foundation’s team  to journey to Kuje, 40 km southwest of Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria on Saturday, to embark on a free medical mission in the community,"  

 "At the center of the organization’s focus is educating the less privileged children especially the girl child, combating malaria, high blood pressure, diabetes, eye impediments, common illnesses and diseases, women empowerment, community development and agriculture empowerment," she added.


Dr Ecton encouraged the general public to to be part of spreading love, lending a helping hand to those in need and treating people with warmth, respect and kindness.

In her words; "Together, we can change the world with a heart full of love, ears open to listen and hands willing to help."