Saturday, July 28, 2018

Nigerian Philantropist, Akomolafe Olatunji, Donates To 300 Kids In South Africa

In an era where the stories of Nigerians in South Africa spoiling the country's image has become the order of the day, there is one patriotic Nigerian changing the conversation.

A  South African based gentleman and philantropist, Akomolafe Olatunji, who ks the CEO of  H- Son Foundation, South Africa has donated decided to give back to his host country by donating winter jackets and shoes to 300 kids in Nolungile Primary School South Africa. 

According to Akomolafe, "helping kids stay in school with good school shoes, uniforms. and helping the needy generally is my passion. It’s all about charity and helping humanity."

Below are some photos from his outreach..

Friday, July 27, 2018


The people of Nassarawa state, recently, had so much to be thankful for as medical relief and intervention came to them thanks to When In Need Foundation (W.I.N).

W.I.N, founded by Dr. Ecton-Dunkley, which since  inception has been run with her savings, investment and salary, on June 18th embark on another challenge by taking free medical mission initiative to Kardako Health Centre, Kardako Nasarawa State.

The medical support team included the 15 Medical Doctors, 10 Pharmacists, 15 Optometrists, Nurses and about 20 Volunteers support team. With the crowd who came to get free healthcare, screened for various diseases, malaria, typhoid and high blood pressure among others. Not less than 3000 people were seen by a doctor, evaluated, checked for particular ailments etc. Malaria was the most prevalent of the illnesses and the statistics is jarring in north central region of Nigeria. 

According to the organisers, during this healthcare free medical intervention, medical supplies enough to fill one 40 foot container was shipped from the United States, wheel Chairs, vitamins, blood pressure monitors, over the counter prescriptions etc.