Saturday, December 16, 2017

"Titobi Olorun" an highly enthralling movie by Okiki Afolayan rocks the internet

Have you seen the recent movie produced by multiple award winning director Okiki Afolayan, titled Titobi Olorun? If not, you have not seen the best of 2017 yoruba movie. When one talks of a movie that keeps the viewer glued to his seat from the prologue to the end without even blinking, Titobi Olorun will come to mind.

It is believed that there is no better way to teach humility and absolute submission to God as portrayed by the cast of the movie.
A very popular Superstar believes he has attained the top and can never be brought down by anyone not even by God himself. But God showed him how powerful He can be. His identity was changed for some few days.
The movie which was evidently concluded in just one part, running within 70 minutes, features veteran actors and actresses who played their respective roles perfectly. The sound qualityand visual display are superb.
It features Femi Adebayo, Faithia Balogun, Baraka, Bayo Tijani, Kemi Korede, and lots more..

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Nollywood actress Onyii Alex replies man who s begging to drink her urine (Photo)

What won't one see on the internet. Here is somebody's son, husband or dad begging to drinking another person's pee

Couple causes a stir as they skate on a busy Lagos road to their wedding venue

This couple was spotted on a Lagos road doing something on usual as they head to their wedding venue. The young couple showed a rare example to other Nigerian couple what it means to ad something a little extra to your love life ;)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How Aurora Got Me A Job In A Multinational Company In Lagos

I hadn’t spent up to 10 minutes at the reception of this multinational company, when a fair, thick and very busty lady looking like Roman Goddess stepped out to call me into the conference room. .

She looked at me somehow, I think she likes me. But I’m not sure.

Let me quickly add this, I graduated with second-class upper (Chemistry) five years ago and since then I have moved from one low paying job to another. My last was as a teacher in a secondary school in Lagos earning N30,000 monthly. I couldn’t even save for a whole year.

To keep my story short, so last week, I got a job invite from this multinational company in Lekki which I applied to earlier in the year. In fact I had forgotten that I applied there and so when I got an email and SMS asking me to come for an interview I was already flying in the air.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Husband of Nigerian Prophetess Olubori grabs her boobs even after 6 children

Davido is now fat! Check him out.?

Ugandan lady dashed Wizkid her boyfriend as he's exhibiting a preference for the singer

Ebuka pictured last night at The Wedding Party 2 premiere. He is trying too hard to trend since that Agbada

Everyday is not Christmas bro

This man needs your advice: He is currently in Nigeria to marry a Nigerian lady, meanwhile his girlfriend in Indonesia is already pregnant

Posters of a husband snatcher and home breaker litters the streets in Enugu

Nigeria man shares his shocking transformation photos. Checkout his massive knickers!

Pres. Buhari rocks sneakers on his farm...The likes of Ebuka have nothing on this man when it comes to fashion

Drake has reportedly signed Nigerian singer,Tekno to his OVO Music!

This is a report currently circulating the music industry at the moment. And this time around, he appears really serious about Tekno, unlike Wizkid whom he urinated on.