Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Man Cries Out Over The Deplorable Condition Of Primary School In Kogi (Photo)

A man shared a video showing the deplorable state of a primary school in Kogi State.

A concerned Nigerian man expresses his bitterness at the deplorable state of a primary school in Kogi State where the buildings are made of mud, students sat on the floor and without a adequate educational facilities.

In the video, he said education is far from the children and they are sitting on the floor in a mud building in this modern age. Even the thatched building that houses the blocks of class room is not in a good state.

"There is no chair, it is unfortunate that this is where we found ourselves. The government that is suppose to take care of the people are not doing what is supposed to be done".

He claims about 8 students will be chased from the school because of 2,450 naira is going to be their main challenge as they are about to start their examinations and are yet to make the payment.

"This is how very very little it is that they find it hard to give their children education"

"Whosoever is in charge of destroying the lives of Kogites, may his life be destroyed, he said.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

American Hiphop legend, Snoop Dog, shares video of Nigeria's DJ Computer Love #2Fighting and has this to say...

See what US Rap Legend, Snoop Dogg did after sharing a Nigerian Music Video

Legendary rapper,  Snoop Dogg posted on his social media this week a Nigeria music video titled "2 Fighting" by a barely known Nigerian artist,  DJ Computer Love and and hailed him for the video,  saying although he doesn't understand the lyrics,  the music vibes. 

In his words as he shared the Youtube video: "Dunno what they're saying but this music vibes..."

The doggfather then  shared the DJs instagram handle and wrote "sick Afrobeats", with a two raised hands emoji. 

But the honour was shortlived as the posts dissapeared from all his social Media timeline within minutes as it looks like the American rapper has hidden it for unknown reasons. 

Below is the screeshot and link to the post saved before he could hid it from his Facebook timeline... :


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Kenya lawmaker arrested for slapping his female colleague

Rashid Kassim, a Kenyan Member of Parliament, has been arrested for slapping a female colleague, Fatuma Gedi, because she did not allocate money to his constituency.

Kassim allegedly attacked Gedi in the parliament building car park, today, after confronting her about why she had not allocated money to his area.

Later, male Members of the Parliament started fun of their female counterparts over the incident, promptly their female colleagues to walk out of parliament in protest.

Photo: Lady recounts her near-fatal “one chance” experience

Here is a lady's ordeal in the hands of one-chance operators.

SAD: Veteran Yoruba Actor Dagunro is Dead!

Veteran actor in the Yoruba film industry, Fasasi Olabanke, better known as Dagunro is dead.

Though, we are yet to get much details about his death but we were told that the versatile Actor joined his ancestors overnight. 

Hot-tempered dad arrested for brutalizing his daughter for crying excessively in Liberia

This hot-tempered dad has been arrested for brutalizing his daughter for crying excessively in Liberia.

Girl moves to withdraw case against 2 Lekki “big boys” who gang-raped her

The girl who was allegedly drugged at a nightclub and gang-raped on February 3, 2019, by two dropouts of Babcock University, Don-Chima George and Olusegun Razak - in a hotel owned by George’s dad - wants the criminal suit filed against them withdrawn.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the complainant made the request during proceedings at an Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court on Thursday, via a “Letter of Withdrawal”.

In the letter, dated June 3, 2019, which was read in court by Justice Abiola Soladoye, the complainant attributed her decision to the “intervention of family members” and for the sake of her integrity.

However, Mr Akin George, a Deputy-Director in the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) and lead state prosecutor, however, opposed the complainant’s request.

“We do not have a directive from the office of the Attorney-General (AG). My lord, the Honourable AG is the complainant in this case. In every criminal matter, victims are naturally witnesses and as we speak, there is no AG in office due to the change in power.

We are also aware of the rules of the Administration of Criminal Justice Law (ACJL) which states that even the Court of Appeal cannot stay an ongoing proceeding.

Our office initiated this action in court and there has to be a closure one way or the other. My lord, we have submitted issues for the respective decisions of this court.

We will bring the witness to state her position before the court, while we continue proceedings and await directives from the AG’s office,” George said.

After listening to the submissions of the prosecution and defence, Justice Soladoye said that the court would continue with proceedings, and that bail would not be granted to the defendants because the court had already delivered a ruling denying them bail.

“However, so that these proceedings will not be an exercise in futility, a short adjournment will be taken, pending directives from the office of the AG,” she said.

The case was adjourned to June 18 for continuation of trial.

Pres. Buhari promises to take 100m Nigerians out of poverty

Pres. Buhari has promised to take 100 million Nigerians from poverty to prosperity in the next 10 years.

He disclosed this in his opening speech at the inaugural June 12, Democracy Day celebration, on Wednesday, in Abuja.

The President revealed that his administration would ensure rapid and positive growth in the economy to move Nigeria away from poverty.

“Our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to grow by 2.7% this year. Our external reserve have risen to 45 billion dollars, enough to finance over nine months of current equal commitments.

This administration has laid a foundation of taking bold steps in transforming our country and delivering our people from shackles of poverty.

First we will take steps in integrating the rural economy to national economic grade by extending access to input to rural farmers as well as credit to rural micro businesses and opening up many critical feeder roads.

Secondly, all small scale enterprises in towns and cities would share facilities currently available so that we can continue to encourage and support domestic production of basic goods to improve our lives,’’ he said.

Photo: CCTV shows this lady was thrown out of a bus after being killed in Lagos

A businesswoman, identified as Abimbola Ayanwale, has been killed in Lagos by some yet-to-be identified persons.

According to one of her friends, Abimbola had stepped out immediately after receiving a call around 8pm on Monday, June 10, 2019.

However, at around 10:45pm, the CCTV of a shop close to the Maryland Mall captured the moment her body was thrown out of a Danfo bus.

The friend said they believe she was intentionally murdered by someone that knew her, because none of her valuables was stolen, neither was any of her body parts missing. 

The source revealed that her hands and legs were tied up, and she was shot before being thrown out of the bus. Her family members are now calling on the police to thoroughly investigate the matter.

Baby fighting for life after contracting herpes from kiss at his christening

Noah Tindle, a 4-week-old baby was left fighting for his life when he contracted herpes in his eye after being kissed at a christening in the U.K.

Noah and his 21-year-old mother, Ashleigh White, had attended a christening in September 2018, when he was a newborn.

He was passed around to multiple relatives and friends, who were all kissing and hugging him, White told Caters News Agency.

"About a week later, his eye started going a little bit red. It started swelling and getting blisters, so we ended up taking him to the doctors," White said.

He was later diagnosed with Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1), which is known as the "kiss of death,” which almost caused him to lose sight in one eye.

Noah received the anti-viral drugs for two weeks, an hour a time, three hours a day. He spent two and a half months in the hospital recovering from the disease.

He will have to receive the anti-viral drug for 9 more months, after a relapse in March 2019.

📷: Caters News Agency

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Lady steals baby from housemaid during church service

A has disappeared after stealing an 18-month-old boy identified as Chibuike Ezechukwu, during last Sunday service at St John's Catholic Church, Awada, Onitsha, Anambra State.



The victim was stolen from a housemaid, Ukwuoma Ruth, during offering time. It gathered that the suspect had pleaded with Ruth to help her drop her N100 offering, while she assisted her with the baby.



The girl obliged, however, before she could come back, the woman had absconded with the baby. The Police spokesperson, Haruna Mohammed, confirmed the incident, adding that efforts were on to apprehend the fleeing suspect and recover the child.

Motherhood helps me overcome depression - Kaffy


Record-breaking Nigerian dancer, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh aka Kaffy, has revealed how motherhood always helps her overcome depression.



She made the disclosure in a recent interview with Sun Newspaper when asked how motherhood has transformed her.



According to her: “Motherhood helped me overcome depression. There are times when you are frustrated by everything around you and you feel the entire world is going to crash on your head. .


You just feel down but then you need to do stuff because you are a mum. You see, there is this genuine love that radiates from your child to you, and regardless of what is going on in the world, you know that this child loves you and the love is always fresh. .


And so I learnt to lock into that love and use it as a springboard to forge ahead, and then I begin to see that God loves me so much he decided to bless me with the child.”

Saraki Donates Severance Package To LeahSharibu’s Family


Ex-Senate president, Bukola Saraki, has directed that the National Assembly Management should distribute his Severance Allowance to families of three victims of the insurgency in the North-East.



He also instructed that children of late senators be also included in the list of beneficiaries.



Saraki stated that the Severance Allowance should be used to support the families of Leah Sharibu, who is being held by Boko Haram.



Also to benefit from the money are children of late members of the 8th Senate who may require financial assistance in furtherance of their education, as a Trust Fund is to be established by the management of the National Assembly for the purpose.



According to him, 20% of the severance allowance is to be donated to the family of Leah Sharibu, while 20% is also to be paid to the family of Hauwa Liman, the aid worker brutally murdered by Boko Haram after she was captured.



Another 20% is to be donated to the family of the second aid worker, Hussaini Ahmed Khoisan, also murdered in the same circumstance by Boko Haram.



The remaining 40% should be used by the National Assembly Management to set up a TRUST FUND that will assist children of deceased members of the Eighth Senate who are in financial need for their education.

Ahmad Lawan emerges the Senate President

Ahmad Lawan, the Senator representing Yobe North constituency, has emerged the President of the 9th National Assembly.

He defeated his opponent, Ali-Ndume, with 79 votes to 28 votes. 107 senators cast their votes.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Awesome! Nigerian Make-Up Artist Ifeoluwa Alonge Applauded For Transforming People Living With Disabilties Into Extra Beauties (Photos)

Ifeoluwa Alonge, a young Nigerian graduate has wowed many with her unique and humanitarian approach to the art of Make-up.

Ifeoluwa who finished from the English department of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, but uses are natural talent for make-up artistry to earn a living has demonstrated her passion not only in putting smiles on the face of every woman, but importantly those going through difficulties. 

In a rare feat,  the beautiful, ebony dark lady,  through her foundation called the Beautiful As you Are (BAYA) foundation has been given a complete makeup,  hair, outfit makeover to women living with disabilities,  deformities or with sickly diagnosis just to remind them that they are "beautiful just as they are".

"We go to them with makeup  artists,  stylists etc,  hold the makeup session,  take pictures, print and frame the pictures and then give back to the women to serve as a constant reminder that no matter what they are experiencing,  they are beautiful and should keep their heads up high", explained Ifeoluwa,  the Creative Director of Gleemakeovers.

She speaks further; "We go as far as meeting up with people living with downsyndrome and even cancer. I also love to empower young girls the best ways that i can and my life goal is to die empty of all the potential bestowed on me by God."