Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nollywood Has Saved Many Nigerians From Depression-Actor Innocent Abu

Nollywood actor, Innocent Abu has called on Nigerians to embrace Nollywood movies more than ever, as it has Not only saved more lives but also the source of livelihood of many families.

Innocent Abu who was being interviewed by reporters on set of a new movie..., enjoined Nigerian movie lovers not to relent in appreciating the production of the indigenous movie makers albeit their shortcomings.

"Truth is we have come a long way even though I won't brag that we are topnotch or in equality with Hollywood and Bollywood, but we continue to strive to be better despite the challenges in the country, which even our viewers face irrespective of their various field of endeavours", Abu said.

He continues; " Lately you must have been seeing a couple of movies which can be ranked or almost ranked alongside those of Hollywood, so we are trying. But I will appeal to everyone not to stop believing in us for the fact that we at least help people keep their boredom away; we keep Nigerians entertained which in turned must have helped many avoid falling into a state of depression due to the hardship in the country. We should not underestimate the impact of our movies at all.".

Friday, November 2, 2018

White man defiles 3 underage Kenyan girls

A Dutch, Hans Egon Dieter Vriens, who allegedly defiled three girls aged 8, 9 and 10 years in 2016 and disappeared for two years, was arrested on Thursday.

He was nabbed in Kasarani, Kenya, by Detectives from the Child Protection Unit and Transnational Organized Crime Unit. The suspect will appear in Court, today, to face charges of defilement.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Actor/Alfa, Lateef Adedimeji Gets Fans Talking As They Get Intimate On Stage In the US

The AHBEA awards held in Houston over the weekend saw many Nollywood stars travel to faraway USA to witness the event. 

The highlight of the event was the performance by Nigerian, US based international singer, Jemiriye Adeniji who dished out pulsating rhythm to the audience.

During the performance, one of the hosts popular actor Lateef Adedimeji, who is also known by industry folks to be a no nonsense Islamic Cleric (Alfa), who was waiting on stage, couldn't control himself as he focused on Jemiriye's big backside.

At a point in during performance, Jemiriye dragged Alfa Lateef up for a dance with and their dance seemed more like a flirting section.

Sources at the event reported that this sparked a huge laughter from the audience and hours after the event, Lateef has shared some photos from the performance inorder to douse the controversy. 

In one of the photos shared, he praised Jemiriye for her craft, Jemiriye on the other hand thanked him for the performance


However, fans have continued to ask him questions asking if this was another stew in the making. Lol. Below are some of the photos and some reactions from fans....


Sunday, October 21, 2018

Celebrity Tattoo Artist Bizzyaski Blasts Irresponsible Fathers

Following the unending news of babymama—babydaddy drama all over the media lately,  celebrity tattoo artist and beautician, Bizzyaski has aired his opinion on the matter.  He took to his instagram page to clamour for men to be alive to their responsibilities. What do you think? 

Photos From Street Arm Wrestling Championship On The Street Of Lagos


As parts of it's quest to discourage violence and encourage healthy rivalry on the streets through entertainment, City To City Loud Parties Entertainment, the initiator of Nigeria Celebrity Arm Wrestling has been hosting series of arm wrestling contest this year across the Lagos suburbs . Recently, the organiser held the  Street Arm Wrestling show at the Karaole Estate Ifako Iaiye Lagos and it was supported by Eagle Aromatic Schnapps Nigerian spirit drink. The event which had a feature of arm wrestling contest by male and female and exciting performance from guest artistes.

According to the host, the show was also put together to promote another kind entertainment on the street and to promote peace and love on the Lagos streets.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Prince Chukwuemeka Okolie wins Youth Party's Primary As Surulere Federal Republic.

 Prince Chukwuemeka Okolie has won his primary election under the Youth Party platform. He was elected by the Surulere people to represent them at the Federal House of representatives, making him one of the youngest aspirant to contest for the federal house of representatives.

Prince Chukwuemeka Okolie has always had this passion to lead and help most especially the youths and the aged ones. He is the President of Change For Nigerian youths and also a grass rooter in politics, a sociologist, Strategist and an entertainment Specialist.
 "At age 9, I said to myself, I want to become a President in the future, i didn't know what got over me, but I guess it was the situations of the country as at that time. At age 15 I ventured into the Entertainment industry while I was still in secondary school. I came out of secondary school, tried different jobs and careers including playing football, talking to people and getting my change for NIGERIAN youth (CNY) project ready", Okolie explained.

At age 19 he came up with the initiative Change For Nigerian Youths, according to him the whole idea was trying to get his fellow youths involved in politics.
 He continues;  "Nigeria youths as at that time didn't like the word Politics, because of the ways the Nigerian Politics was practiced. It didn't encourage the youths, So he was trying to get the youths involved by speaking positively to them. I also wrote alot on how the youths can get involved in the role of Leadership and tried to create different avenues which would be used to reach out to them, but at some points my efforts were frustrated by the old politicians but i didn't give up".

As time goes on, Prince Chukwuemeka started meeting people through entertainment and politics and he always tells everyone who cares to listen about the Change for Nigerian Youths and how the youths can get involved in Politics/ role of Leadership in Nigeria.
 Some years ago he became more determined to take a higher step regardless of his young age, he also started hearing and took in the fact that he was never too young to run for the election.

In the last election, he helped a friend in Surulere, a very popular figure to win his elections with some great ideas he contributed during his campaign. The candidate was also a youth as at that time and it turned out well.

He is also the southwest youth leader for a presidential candidate.

Last year he really worked on the CNY project, he got an award from NIGERIA ACHIEVERS AWARD... Tagged Nigerian award for excellency in youth leadership. This year, Youth Party got registered by INEC and the "Not too young to Run" bill was passed. Now he has decided to run for the federal house of representative, Surulere constituency because he is a leader. This will be the first elections since after the military regime that youths can contest.
 As a leader he has been preaching about youths getting involved in Politics now he needs to make the first step because he also said a leader is someone that KNOWS THE WAY, SHOWS THE WAY AND GOES  THE WAY.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Photos: Actress Oge Aneke Committing Suicide On Set Of New Movie

It's been a while we heard from East based actress, Oge Aneke, since she welcomed a baby girl with her husband  over a year ago. 

New photos have however emerged of the actress's latest movie project titled "GOODNIGHT".

Some of the scenes in the beautiful location shots show the actress in an attempt to commit suicide with a rope around her neck. 

According to Oge,  "Good Night", which is from the stable Of Mrs Chinyere Ozoh and Mr Ifeanyi Onyeabo, is a true life story which every family will love to watch. 

"The story exposes the hidden truth of most parents!  It's a movie that is full of intrigues, drama, educating and most importantly entertaining. There are little things some parents take for granted which could cause big problems in future...No matter the nature of your job, attention must be given to each other because that brings closeness,oneness and love between couples; I am very sure that parents will be inspired on this one", Oge reveals

More photos from the location below...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Over 3000 People Get Free Medical Service in Kuje, Abuja (Photos)

No fewer than 3,000 people in Kuje area of Abuja benefitted from a medical mission embarked upon by popular NGO, When In Need Foundation (W.I.N) recently. 

Several individuals were treated for various medical conditions such as malaria, peptic ulcers, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory, urinary tract infections, glaucoma, and cataract. 

The mission which was held at Chibiri Primary School, Kuje and spearheaded by WIN’s team of doctors, nurses, optometrists and volunteers was a resounding success as several attendees who received free medical services thanked the organization for their hard work and look forward to their return in the near future.

When In Need’s CEO, Dr. Chetachi Ecton stressed that WIN’s relentless commitment remains to saving and transforming lives, creating impact in the lives of women, children and some of the most vulnerable people in the society.  

According to Dr. Chetachi; "One of the greatest gifts we can bestow on others is lending a helping hand, encouraging them, listening to their needs, energizing and reaching out to them through acts of selfless service. This inspired When In Need Foundation’s team  to journey to Kuje, 40 km southwest of Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria on Saturday, to embark on a free medical mission in the community,"  

 "At the center of the organization’s focus is educating the less privileged children especially the girl child, combating malaria, high blood pressure, diabetes, eye impediments, common illnesses and diseases, women empowerment, community development and agriculture empowerment," she added.


Dr Ecton encouraged the general public to to be part of spreading love, lending a helping hand to those in need and treating people with warmth, respect and kindness.

In her words; "Together, we can change the world with a heart full of love, ears open to listen and hands willing to help."

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Exposed! Okiki Afolayan in Hot Romance with pretty Actress, Bimbo Ogunnowo .....Set To Hold Secret Wedding

If the information reaching Yorubamoviegist.com is anything to go by, then another marriage bell is set to ring in the Yoruba movie genre of Nollywood.

It is between top movie director, Okiki Afolayan and Busty and pretty actress, Bimbo Ogunnowo who are seriously in a sizzling romance.

According to Yorubamoviegist.com sources, the duo have been dating for a while now but wanted the affair to be a top secret.

The alleged couple have been spotted attending public events together, and posting their pictures on Instagram.

Early this year, Bimbo opened a beauty edifice in Egbeda area of Lagos, then there was speculation in the industry that the new business was established for her by an unknown manfriend. 

However, information has revealed that the young but talented Okiki was the  unknown  "Manfriend" behind the said business.

Away from this, Bimbo has lately been the first choice actress to be featured in most of the films directed by Okiki. 

They've both been seen suspiciously in and outside movie locations.

The rising actress is also said to have moved into the director's abode at Arepo area of Ogun State, living  together as a couple.

While Okiki is busy gracing his WhatsApp status with Bimbo's photographs, the actress is also not taking a chill on teasing fans Instagram about about her love life.

According to one of her posts on Instagram, 

"Guess who is off the market? Congratulations B you deserve it". #ifyouknowuknow# #dontmindmyvoice".

Subsequently, she also posted the below statement, 

"I am about to marry my best friend so this days I prefer my natural look than a make over (He doesn't mind any). It must be his effects on me lol. Thanks for the wonderful congratulatory messages I got from you all, calls and messages.Ese Modupe. I am happy I got friends like you all. May we always be happy.

#taken #marryingmybestfriend #outofmarket".

However, another post from the actress read thus: "who am I that you are so thoughtful of? #OBA2018# who am i that you have given another chance to love? Over to you almighty God. Set to marry my best friend of 11yrs God you are exalted. Marrying my best friend and gist partner!!! #OBA2018# #TAKEN# #hooked# #anotherchance# #blessed#.

Based on our calculation, the OBA2018 in the Hashtag above could simply mean Okiki Bimbo Afolayan 2018.

Stay glued to this page as we shall keep you updated on the two.

How Eagle aromatic schnapps is promoting Nigeria culture and tradition.

This is Oranyan Festival in Oyo, the woman there is Arewa Adeyemi, the Alaafin of Oyo’s daughter

With the growth and influence of western culture and urban lifestyles entertainment in Nigeria which is now the trend, one maybe led to believe that our culture and tradition are on a decline as a result of limited stake holders willing to sustain it. 

This is Ojude Oba

A close look shows there are people and brands who still take pride in promoting  and sustaining Nigeria culture and traditions; one brand who has been on the forefront of promoting Nigerian culture and tradition is Nigeria's foremost authentic Schnapps drink, Eagle.

 Ijebu Ilese day in Ijebu

Intercontinental Distillers Limited, the maker of Eagle schnapps has been vigorously using the eagle aromatic schnapps brand to promote  many festivals  in Nigeria.

Photos From Agemo Festival in Sagamu

Lately, the brand supported the Oranyan Festival in Oyo,   Ijebu Ilese Day in Ijebu, Agemo festival in Sagamu, Ita Oba in Sango Otta and the Ojude Oba  Festival, a laudable feat which has established the eagle aromatic schnapps drink as the leading promoter of Nigeria culture and tradition.

Ita Oba Day in Sango Otta